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At the heart of our consultancy lies a deep commitment to Change Management, Commercial Excellence, and Business Transformation.


We are a collective of seasoned experts, drawn from global corporate leadership, dedicated to guiding businesses through transformative journeys.

Our approach intertwines strategic innovation with practical solutions, driving sustainable growth and commercial excellence.


We empower organizations with the tools and insights needed for success in a dynamic business environment, building lasting partnerships rooted in shared progress and transformative learning.


Our leaders

José Manuel Angel

Sr. Consultant - Managing Partner


Over 30 years of experience in Multinational Companies. Sales Capabilities Executive for Latin America for companies such as Nabisco, Kraft, Cadbury, and Mondelez.

Aligned the point-of-sale execution approach for Sales Teams comprised of more than 11,000 employees in Latin America. Advisor in various Latin American countries and China. Works as a consultant for companies like Kimberly Clark Latin America, Reckitt Benckiser, Concha y Toro, Alpina, Johnson & Johnson, among others.

Kemil Carbuccia

Director Consulting Services


With over two decades of experience in multinational corporations and a distinguished record as a Commercial Director in LATAM, I now offer my expertise in consulting to businesses seeking transformation and success in today's market. My focus is on leading effective change management, driving business transformation, and enhancing organizational effectiveness.


I have managed commercial operations with annual revenues exceeding $2 billion, impacting more than 10,000 employees across LATAM. My specialty lies in merging my sharp strategic acumen, commercial leadership with a deep passion for change management and business transformation initiatives, to provide cutting-edge solutions to my clients.

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